Welcome to the Deiglaw Blog Page

Welcome to the Law Offices of Steven K. Deig Blog page. We are excited to have a way to post helpful information to the public on issues relating to areas of the law that our office handles. For a bit of background information, over 25 years ago Steve opened his own office, sharing space in a building on Washington Avenue. After a few years, he moved into his own office building down the street and stayed there for approximately 10 years. In 2012, the firm moved into its current location on 5615 E. Virginia Street.  What started as a solo practice, has grown into a full office consisting of five attorneys and six legal assistants. Steve and the other lawyers in his office practice in a variety of areas including Family Law, Real Estate Law, Criminal Law, Estate Planning and Personal Injury Law. Steve has found that what has made his practice successful is working hard and respecting his clients coupled with good honest communication. Whether it is meeting with clients on the weekends, or talking over problems after hours, active communication allows for effective representation. To further develop our goal of communicating effectively, the firm has decided to begin blogging about issues we see in our practice every day.  Our plans for the blog are to take some of the most common questions asked by our clients and provide answers from our group of knowledgeable attorneys. If anyone has a question they would like for us to answer, feel free to submit it to contactus@deiglaw.com.

Over the next few weeks, we will begin our first topic by addressing the ins and outs of our initial appointment. Check back soon to read what advice we can provide someone interested in speaking with an attorney for the first time.

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